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PJ Trailers is the #1 professional-grade open trailer manufacturer in the USA, and strives to
	maintain excellence in technology to support our dealer network and end users. We're 
	actively seeking a talented web applications developer to design and implement new 
	web-based tools for our customers. This is a full-time position in a progressive office 

Mandatory competency in the following technologies: 
	PHP and/or ColdFusion
	Javascript / jQuery

Location: Tigertown, TX (20 minutes west of Paris)

Initial project is to implement a number of B2B portal enhancements. Project team includes 
	upper management, marketing and staff web developers.  This team conducts an in-person 
	project sync 3x weekly.

**NOTE: We aren't currently interested in freelancers or design houses because we want 
	to remove all obstructions to creativity for our product.**

If interested, send in your portfolio & resume: web-master@pjtrailers.com
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