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Bolt-on Light Bar

Bolt-on Light Bar
Do you want to load and unload your trailer at night? Check out our easy to install bolt-on light bar. This light bar features four (4) round utility lights that give you ample lighting and installs in around 30 minutes.


• Fits on the channel cross-members between the risers on any PJ Gooseneck
• Includes four (4) round utility lights in a shock proof rubber housing
• Lights can be adjusted vertically and horizontally
• 1 1/2" mandrel bent round tube protective bar, lower frame built from 3/16" powder coated steel
• Pre-wired with generous 9ft of wiring for simple two-wire installation (includes automotive inline fuse)
• Toggle switch is mounted to light bar, for easy access from the trailer deck or ground
• Lights are wired to junction box and powered by tow vehicle
• Lights are connected with heat shrink butt connectors for protection and reliability (see photo below)
• Wiring for each light is protected by angle conduit (see photo below)
• Includes zinc plated hardware (nuts, washers, & bolts) and instructions for installation
• Tools required for installation: Cordless Drill, 3/8" Drill Bit, 1/2" Wrench, Screwdriver, and Pliers
• Light bar dimensions: 42" wide x 12.5" tall x 4" deep - Weight: 26 lbs
• If ordered with a top riser toolbox the light bar must be mounted forward on the neck on top of the I-beam

• Black: PJ Part # 170126
• Red: PJ Part # 170129
• Grey: PJ Part # 170130
• White: PJ Part # 170131
• Yellow: PJ Part # 170132

Notes: Work lights are for stationary use only, lights must be off during transit

Bolt-on Light Bar 4

Bolt-on Light Bar 5

Bolt-on Light Bar 6

Bolt-on Light Bar 7

Bolt-on Light Bar

Bolt-on Light Bar 2

Bolt-on Light Bar 3

Installation Instructions
WARNING: Trailer should be UNPLUGGED from towing vehicle during installation

Estimated Installation Time:
Novice (1 hour)
Expert (30 minutes or less)

Tools Required:
-Cordless Drill
-3/8" or 1/2" Drill Bit
-1/2" Open Wrench
-1/2" Ratcheting Socket Wrench
-1/4" Socket
-Phillips Screwdriver

Light Bar Install 1
1. Mark the center point on the rear c-channel cross-member between the risers of the gooseneck.

Light Bar Install 2
2. Mark the center point on the light bar (42" wide) and align light bar in center of cross-member

Light Bar Install 3
3. Make sure light bar is positioned in desired location. Carefully mark the position of the holes on the light bar on the cross-member.

Light Bar Install 4
4. Using a 3/8" drill bit (or larger), drill two holes through the cross-member on marks made in previous step. Tip: Use a smaller bit to create "pilot hole" before drilling your final holes.

Light Bar Install 5
5. Place light bar on to cross-member and insert bolts into their holes. Install supplied bolts & washers on each side using 1/2" wrench (Using a ratcheting socket on top bolt and open end wrench on lower nut works best).

Light Bar Install 6
6. Optional: Route wiring inside of conduit gooseneck using an electrician's snake for maximum protection. If you don't have a snake to run the wiring, you can "zip tie" the wiring along the inside frame of the gooseneck.

Light Bar Install 7
7. Pull wire through to junction box and trim at desired length. Splice cable exposing the positive wire (black) and ground wire (white).

Light Bar Install 8
8. Open junction box by removing two screws with phillips screwdriver

Light Bar Install 9
9. Using a 1/4 socket, install white wire (negative) on to blue post (ground). You can add an optional ring terminal for cleanest installation. Install the included short black wire lead with fuse (positive) on to red post (hot).

Light Bar Install 10
10. Trim black wire (positive) from light bar back to desired length in preparation for inline fuse & wire to be installed.

Light Bar Install 11
11. Place inline fuse over wire from light bar, then crimp the fuse holder using pliers.

Light Bar Install 12
12. Replace cover on junction box and hook up trailer to towing vehicle. With the ignition in the towing vehicle on, switch toggle switch to on position to test lights.

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