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One of the most popular options over the past few years are factory installed winch plates. Adding a winch to your trailer makes them especially useful for loading equipment and vehicles cannot power themselves. This guide shows you photos and models for the most popular winch plates we build.

Winch Plate Bolt Pattern: 10.0 in x 4.5 in

Trailer Winch Plate

Winch Roller
Trailer Winch Roller

Car Hauler Winch Plate - (Bumperpull CC, C8, B6, B8)
Carhauler Winch Plate

Equipment Tilt Winch Plate - (Bumper-pull T6, TF)
Tilt Winch Plate

Deckover Tilt Winch Plate - (Bumper-pull T8, T9)
Deckover Tilt Winch Plate

Deckover Winch Plate - (Bumper-pull F8)
Deckover Winch Plate

Gooseneck Winch Plate - (FD, LD, FS, FY, LY)
Gooseneck Winch Plate

Gooseneck Car Hauler Winch Plate - (CC, C8, B6, B8)
Gooseneck Carhauler Winch Plate

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