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Trailer Flex Air Ride

Air Ride Suspesion

Air Ride Suspesion

Air Ride Suspesion

Air Ride Suspesion

Air Ride Suspesion

Why should I choose Trailer Flex Air Ride?

  • Eliminates chucking (push-pull) of the tow vehicle - greatly reducing driver and passenger fatigue, wear and tear on tow vehicle
  • No creaking or squeaking from the suspension
  • Safer to pull than any other suspension - axles do not hop during braking
  • No chucking means a steady pull - saving fuel
  • Protects sensitive cargo from damage on rough roads
  • Bushings don’t wear – maintenance free suspension for years of service
  • Auxiliary air supply included
  • Extends the life of your trailer: less bouncing translates to less stress on trailer frame and components
  • Allows for adjustable deck height, including lowering the trailer for loading & unloading applications
  • Deck height remains constant, regardless of payload weight
  • Weigh your load using the air pressure gauge included
  • Available on 7,000lb to 16,000lb axles in single, tandem and triple configurations
  • Industry leading 3 year limited warranty on suspension components
  • Eco-friendly and pocket-friendly – fuel savings, tire wear savings, trailer wear savings

How is TrailerFlex air ride different from other air ride systems?

  • Patented arm-to-axle connection stabilizes axle action, keeping the axle parallel to the trailer frame at all times. The trailer cannot lean or fall into potholes and washboard.
  • 100% Self-contained system on the trailer, including the compressor and air tank. No special hook-ups or tools required.
  • Air compressor regulates pressure for entire air system

How easy is TrailerFlex to maintain?

There is virtually no maintenance required on the Trailer Flex air ride system. Since this system consists of high-quality off-the-shelf components, including brass Parker fittings and high end compressors, repairs are quick and easy. The majority of the components can be found at your local truck or trailer shop.

Lift Axle Option

We are very excited to introduce a lift axle option for Trailer Flex equipped trailers. Most people are familiar with lift axles from their popularity in the semi-trailer industry.

Key benefits of the lift axle option include:

  • Reduces unnecessary tire wear when hauling empty
  • Improves the turning radius of trailer
  • Reduces lateral tire wear and “scrubbing” when turning
  • Axle can be lifted when traveling empty on toll roads to reduce tolls
  • Fuel Savings

Option Code: L (10,000 w/ electric brakes air ride lift axle would be axle code “A2BL”)
***Note: You must order at least a 6” axle spread to have a lift axle***

Drain Valve for Trailer Flex Air Ride

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