72" Tandem Axle Dump (D3)

Available Lengths

  • 10’
  • 12’

Dare to Compare

Dare To Compare



Standard Features

  • 40° Dump Pitch
  • 12VDC Hydraulic Pump
  • 5” x 30” West Craft Hyd. Cylinder
  • 12’ Control Cable
  • 5” Channel Main Frame & Tongue
  • 16” On Center 3” Channel Crossmembers
  • 10ga. Steel Bed
  • 72” Wide Bed
  • 20” 10ga Steel Sides
  • DOT Approved Flushmount Lifetime LED Lights
  • Sealed Wire Harness w/ 7-Way RV Plug
  • Sand Blasted, Acid Washed, Powder Coated
  • Interstate (TM) Deep Cycle Battery
  • 110V Integrated Trickle Charger


Default options, those included in the base model, are marked by a check .

Coupler Options

[A] BP 2 5/16” A-Frame (12,500lb.)
[D] BP 2 5/16” Adjustable (14,000 lb.)
[N] BP 2 5/16” Atwood Style A-Frame Coupler
[P] 3” Pintle Eye - Channel-mount (21,000 lb.)

Axle Options

[32BS] (2) 3,500# (Dexter) Electric (Spring)
[32SS] (2) 3,500# (Dexter) Surge Hydraulic Drum [Surge Coupler] (Spring)
[52BS] (2) 5,200# (Dexter) Electric (Spring)
[52SS] (2) 5,200# (Dexter) Surge Hydraulic Drum [Surge Coupler] (Spring)
[72BS] (2) 7,000# (Dexter) Electric (Spring)

Tail Options

[S] Split Gate
[T] Split / Spreader Gate

Color Options

[K] Black Powder Coat
[0] Primer + Black Powder Coat
[1] Primer + Red Powder Coat
[2] Primer + Tractor Green Powder Coat
[3] Primer + White Powder Coat
[4] Primer + Equipment Yellow Powder Coat
[5] Primer + Tractor Orange Powder Coat
[6] Primer + Grey Powder Coat
[8] Primer + Desert Tan Powder Coat
[G] Grey Powder Coat
[J] Tractor Green Powder Coat
[N] Tractor Orange Powder Coat
[R] Red Powder Coat
[T] Desert Tan Powder Coat
[W] White Powder Coat
[Y] Equipment Yellow Powder Coat
[Z] No Paint No Primer

Other Options

[-DR01] 1 Pair D-Rings
[-GAS1] Gas Powered Hydraulic Unit
[-JAB1] Upgrade to (1) - Single BULLDOG 10k Jack
[-NTBX] No Tarp Mounting Brackets
[-RS01] Rear Support Stands
[-TB24] Side-mount Toolbox 24” (12ft Only)
[0] Cold Weather Wiring Harness (7-Way RV)
[1] Upgrade to 235/80 R16 on 52k Axles
[3] Upgrade to Single 10k Jack (Bumper Pull)
[5] Solar Battery Charger
[C] 12”oc Crossmembers
[E] Power Up/Down & Gravity Down Upgrade
[M] Mount Only for Spare Tire
[P] Tarp kit (Pull Bar) 6 x 14ft
[R] Ramps w 4 D-Rings
[T] Spare Tire and Mount (Bumper Pull)

Parts Guide

Model Part Description Category Part Number
D3 Reflector Tape, Conspicuity R&W BODY 170237
D3 Coupler, 2-5/16” A-Frame Bulldog COUPLER 140218
D3 Fender Tandem Steel DP FENDER 160604
D3 Bracket Weld-on 5/16” Safety Chain
D3 Cylinder 5”x30”x2” - D6& & W/O scis
(Without Scissor)
D3 Pump Dual Action KTI w/Remote HYDRAULIC 190601
D3 Pump Triple  Action KTI w/Remote
D3 Toolbox  BP Dump w/Holes
(Bumper Pull)
D3 Jack, 7K Dropleg Square Topwind
(Bumper pull)
JACK 140101
D3 Light Kit LED - D6 D7 LIGHTING 170505
D3 Bolt Equal’r 7/8”x4.75” Slipper 7K SUSPENSION 120119
D3 Bolt, Hanger 9/16x3.5” Slipper 7K SUSPENSION 120118
D3 Equalizer 3.5K Triangle Double Eye SUSPENSION 120217
D3 Equalizer 7K  QRG (12”) SUSPENSION 120216
D3 Hanger 2-Axle 3.5K, Frt, Ctr, Rear SUSPENSION 120145
D3 Hanger Bolt 3”x9/16” - 18
(with 3.5k axles)
D3 Hanger Center 7K Slipper SUSPENSION 120115
D3 Hanger Front 7K Slipper SUSPENSION 120116
D3 Hanger Kit 2-Axle Dbl  Eye 3.5 -52K SUSPENSION 120110
D3 Hanger Kt Tandem Axle Slipper 52/7k SUSPENSION 120112
D3 Hanger Rear 7K Slipper SUSPENSION 120117
D3 Lock Nut for 7K Eq Bolt 7/8” SUSPENSION 120218
D3 Lock Nut for hanger bolt 9/16” SUSPENSION 120311
D3 Spring Slipper 6 leaf 4000# 7/8K SUSPENSION 120102
D3 U-Bolt Kit 3” Rd. for 5.2-7K
(5200 lb axles)
D3 Repl’ Roller For Mountain Tarp Kit TARP 160460
D3 Tarp Bracket R.H.Alum.Side Mount
(Passenger Side)
TARP 160408
D3 Tarp Kit 72in. x 14ft. Buyers TARP 160563
D3 Tarp Kit 78”x18’ Pull Bar w/Mesh TARP 160403
D3 Tarp Kit Handle Lock Bracket TARP 160411
D3 225/75R15 Radial Tires TIRE 130107
D3 Tire&Whl 225/75R15 6 on 5.5” white spk TIRES & WHEELS 130224

Parts Guide Disclaimer: Parts can change based on the options, production date, and production location of the trailer. If there is any doubt about parts fitment please contact a PJ Parts representative with the VIN of the trailer in question.