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Why should you buy a PJ gooseneck trailer?

PJ Gooseneck Trailers are truly loaded with great features and benefits. Our comparison checklist showcases over 40 features of our gooseneck trailers.

By using this comparison you can compare the features of a PJ Gooseneck trailer to other brands. This comparison is very helpful when trailer shopping across multiple brands and see how they compare to a PJ.

Gooseneck Trailers

Classic Flatdeck with Singles


Low-Pro Flatdeck with Singles


Classic Flatdeck with Duals


Low-Pro Flatdeck with Duals


Hydraulic Dovetails

Flatdeck with Hydraulic Dove


Low-Pro with Hydraulic Dove


Flatdeck with Singles Hydraulic Dove


Gooseneck Trailer Comparison

Feature PJ Trailers Other Guys
Frame Warranty 3 Year Frame/1 Year Limited Warranty
The industry standard frame warranty for a gooseneck is one (1) year. We believe so strongly in our frame strength that we offer a three (3) year frame warranty on every PJ gooseneck trailer.

1 year warranty
I-beam Goosenecks I-beam Goosenecks & Risers
When you order a PJ Gooseneck it comes with an 12” I-beam neck and riser. Our I-beam necks are simply stronger and last longer than the commonly used c-channel necks. At PJ Trailers we feel that an I-beam gooseneck should be standard, not an “upgrade”.

LED Lights Lifetime LED Lights
Every PJ gooseneck trailer features Lifetime LED lights standard. LED lights are not only brighter but they are also faster, draw less current, and last longer than incandescent lights. Our LED lights are so reliable they feature a lifetime warranty.

Incandescent Lights
Rub Rail Rub Rail with Stake Pockets & Pipe Spools
Our standard 2” x 3/8” rub rail includes both stake pockets and pipe spools on 12” centers. These give you almost unlimited tie down points, while also strengthening the rub rail.

2” x 1/4” Rail (no pipe spools)
Cross-members 3” Channel Cross-members on 16” Centers
We use 3” channel for all gooseneck cross-members for increased deck strength. We also keep our cross-members spaced tightly together (16” or less). Many manufacturers use lighter cross-members and spread them further apart to try to cut costs.

20-24" On Center Cross-members
Tube Outside Frame 6” x 2” Tube Outside Frame
Anyone that has owned a gooseneck trailer understands the importance of protecting your wiring and lighting. Our outside frame is made of 6” x 2” rectangular tubing, not channel. This allows your wiring and lights to be fully enclosed and protected from debris and the elements. This feature is even more important if you use your trailer off-road or live in a cold-weather region. The tube outside frame also increases the structural rigidity of the trailer, making it significantly stronger than channel.

5" C-channel
Under Frame Bridging Under Frame Bridging
Our 30 foot and longer goosenecks receive standard under frame bridging, which is a 2” x 3/8” flat that spans the bottom of the trailer frame. This feature minimizes frame sag under heavy loads.

Not Available
Retail Financing Retail Financing Promotions
We offer factory sponsored retail financing promotions through Sheffield Financial. These promotions typically include Zero Down and/or low interest rates.

No Financing Promotions
Wide Gooseneck Ramps 21” Wide Flip-over Ramps
Our flip-over ramps are a generous 21” wide, versus the typical 16-18” wide ramps. This makes the ramps much easier and safer to use when loading equipment. Our self-cleaning angle cross-members are angled upwards and sit slightly above the outside frame for maximum traction.

16-18" Wide Ramps
Diamond Plate Locking Front Toolbox Diamond Plate Locking Front Toolbox
Every PJ Gooseneck comes standard with a front locking toolbox made of steel diamond plate. This gives you ample room for carrying straps, binders, and tools. We also include a chain rack in the rear of each box to store chains and straps.

No Toolbox
Radial Tires Radial Tires
Radial tires are superior to bias ply tires in many ways. Radial tires feature better fuel economy, less vibration, a softer ride, and extended life due to less heat being generated by the tire. Radial tires are especially important for gooseneck equipment trailers due to some of the heavy loads they must handle.

Bias Ply
Bulldog Gooseneck Coupler Bulldog Coupler
Every PJ gooseneck receives a Bulldog™ coupler as a standard feature. These couplers are height adjustable to allow you to level the trailer with the towing vehicle. The Bulldog™ coupler has a well-earned reputation for being the toughest, most durable gooseneck coupler in the trailer industry.

Lesser Quality Couplers
Riser Gussets and Front Bumper Riser Gussets and Front Bumper
Our riser gussets and formed front bumper are signature features of a PJ Trailer. They not only add considerable strength to the gooseneck but also help protect your cargo and frame.

5" Channel Bumper, No Gussets
Treated Lumber Pressure Treated Lumber
Every PJ gooseneck receives treated no. 2 southern yellow pine for decking. This pressure treated lumber is known for its high strength and durability. We also offer Douglas Fir and Rough Oak decking.

Untreated Lumber
I-beam Cross-beams I-beam Cross-beams
Our gooseneck frames include beefy 10” x 12 lb I-beam cross-beams every five feet for maximum frame strength. Other manufacturers rely on 2 3/8” pipe to connect the main frame rails. These huge cross-beams significantly reduce trailer torque and frame twist.

2 3/8" Pipe
Spring Loaded Drop Leg Jacks Dual Spring Loaded Drop Leg Jacks
Our gooseneck trailers are equipped with two drop leg jacks that are spring loaded, saving you time and energy. When parking your trailer you simply pull the foot pin and press the jack foot to the ground, instead of having to crank to lower the jack foot. The spring loaded foot also quickly retracts to the up position to save even more time and energy.

Single Jack, Not Spring Loaded
Double Hinge Ramps Double Hinge Ramps
Our flip over ramps feature double hinges allowing the ramp to fold flat across the deck. This also allows the entire ramp to sit flat across the ground when loading, maximizing the strength of the ramp. Single hinge ramps either have a large bump to drive over or do not lay flat when stored.

Single Hinge, No spring assist
Trailer Junction Box Junction Box Wiring
Every PJ gooseneck is wired with a weather proof junction box standard. This keeps your wiring clean and well protected from the elements. If you were to damage the front harness or plug, a junction box makes replacing the plug a simple task.

Spliced Wiring
Wiring Conduit Sealed Wiring Harness Inside Steel Conduit
Trailer wiring issues are one of the top complaints for many gooseneck trailer owners. This is why we use a sealed wiring harness to protect our wiring from water, dirt, and corrosion. The harness is enclosed in steel conduit throughout the frame of the trailer, to further protect the wiring from ice, road debris, and physical damage. This modular harness means each light is just simply plugged in, making replacement very easy.

Exposed Wiring
Tube Rear Bumpers 4” x 8” Tube Rear Bumpers
Our dovetail rear bumpers are made of tubing instead of a c-channel to protect the lights and wiring from road debris, ice, and physical damage. Other manufacturers use a c-channel bumper to save a few dollars, leaving the wiring completely exposed to the elements.

6-8" Channel
Flush Mount Lights Flush-mount Lighting
All of our gooseneck trailer lights are “flush-mounted” inside the frame of the gooseneck. Surface mounted lights are much more susceptible to damage, corrosion, and failure.

Surface Mount Lighting
NATM Compliance NATM Compliant
Our gooseneck trailers are built in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers trailer safety regulations. Be very wary of any manufacturer that does not comply with NATM safety standards.

Bargman Plug Bargman 7-Way Plugs
All PJ gooseneck trailers include a Bargman 7-way plug. These plugs are designed with dual contacts for a more reliable connection. They also include an auxiliary wire that can be used to operate work lights, reverse lights, & charging.

Poor fitting single contact 7-way plugs
Professionals Choice The Professional’s Choice
At PJ Trailers we think our best “advertising” comes from jobsites and coffee shops, not on billboards and television ads. We didn’t “buy” our reputation for building great trailers, we built it – one trailer at a time. Building a great product and keeping our customers happy has made us the #1 professional grade open trailer manufacturer in the US.

Frame Strength Frame Strength
If you want a gooseneck that lasts, it has to be built on a rock solid frame. Other trailer builders attempt to cut their cost by skimping on frame materials (smaller channel & beam, fewer welds, less cross-members). Our goosenecks take frame strength to the next level and we have the warranty to prove it.

Spring Assist Ramps Spring Assist Ramps
A key trademark of a PJ Gooseneck is our heavy duty ramps. To offset the weight from their heavy construction & wide design, our flip-over ramps include a spring assist feature. This allows the ramps easily be lifted and lowered, with minimum effort.

No Spring Assist
Low Profile Low Profile Designs
One of the most popular innovations in the gooseneck market is the low profile gooseneck. The main I-beam frame of the trailer is “pierced” with 3” channel cross-members running through the frame. This allows the deck to be a full 5 inches lower than a standard tandem dual gooseneck. Lower deck heights make for easier loading, a lower center of gravity, and the ability to carry taller loads.

Not Available
Plasma Cut Components CNC Plasma Cut Components
We fabricate many of our frame components on CNC plasma tables. This allows for excellent finish to each component, consistent fit, and smooth operation. It also gives us the ability to customize the exact component we need for each model, instead of being forced to use “off the shelf” components.

Dealer Network Dealer Network
When shopping for a gooseneck trailer one thing to take into consideration is the size and quality of the dealer network that will provide support for the manufacturer. PJ Trailers has a network of over 250 dealers that is well known for offering excellent service and support.

Frame Reinforcements Critical Frame Reinforcements
Gooseneck trailers require special reinforcements throughout the entire trailer due to the massive amounts of stress the frame receives under load. We reinforce the high stress areas with techniques including extra gussets, I-beam, and angle cross-member supports.

Resale Value Resale Value
If you have ever shopped for a used PJ gooseneck you might be surprised how close the price can be to a new trailer. Our premium components and overall build quality makes for a trailer that ages well and will retain much of its original value.

Hydraulic Jacks Hydraulic Jacks Available
Our self-contained hydraulic trailer jacks raise and lower your gooseneck trailer at the touch of a button. Hydraulic jacks will save you a lot of time and even more energy. Most other gooseneck manufacturers don’t even offer this option. If you use your gooseneck trailer daily or weekly, we highly recommend the hydraulic jack option.

Not Available
Air Ride Air Ride Suspension Available
We have pioneered air ride suspension market for gooseneck trailers. Since 2009 we have offered a self-contained air ride system for our gooseneck trailers. No other gooseneck air ride system has been as widely accepted and respected as our air ride suspension.

Not Available
Hydraulic Dovetail Hydraulic Dovetail Available
At PJ Trailers we not only created the first gooseneck hydraulic dovetail, we perfected it. Our 10’ dovetail makes it extremely quick to load and unload heavy equipment. That is why we build the #1 selling hydraulic dovetail gooseneck trailer in the US.

Not Available
Coming Soon Tail Options
From the standard straight deck with slide-in ramps to 10 ft powered hydraulic dovetail, we have the tail option that is right for you. This list of options include dovetails with flip-over ramps, stand-up ramps, center pop-ups, split pop-ups, and even adjustable dovetails.

Fewer Options
Variety of Options Wide Variety of Options
We don’t believe a customer should have to settle for a trailer that isn’t what they want. That is why we offer a wide variety of options for our goosenecks including steel floors, deck on the neck, winch plates, hydraulic jacks, cold weather wiring harness, and more. We literally have thousands of option combinations to make sure your trailer is suited for your type of work.

Fewer Options
Brake Wiring 10 Gauge Heavy Duty Brake Wiring
We use 10 gauge wiring for our trailer brakes to make sure the brakes receive full power to stop the trailer. The best break controller and electric brakes can quickly become inferior if the wire is too small to transmit full power to the brakes. This wiring is slightly more expensive than what others use, but it is well worth it.

Light Gauge Wiring
Wheel Wheels 3/16” Diamond Plate Steel Wheel Wells
Our Low-Profile Goosenecks (LD & LY) receive diamond plate wheel wells. This allows the deck to be as low as possible without sacrificing deck strength.

Side Steps and Handle Dual Side Steps & Handles
Every PJ gooseneck comes equipped with front side steps on both sides and handles connected to the bumper gusset. This makes climbing on to the trailer deck a simple and safe task.

No Steps
Deck Screws More Deck Screws & Board Caps
We use extra deck screws on our gooseneck flooring to make sure boards stay secured to the frame. We also "cap our boards" by installing them below the front and rear bumpers to keep the boards from curling.

As few screws as possible
Grease Zerks Grease Zerks
We are obsessed with making sure our trailers provide years of reliable service. We add grease zerks to just about everything that can move and needs grease. This includes the jacks, toolbox lid, hinged dovetails, and even ramp pocket doors. While other manufacturers’ moving parts will be seized or rusted, ours stay smooth and ready for work.

No Grease Zerks
Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Watertight Heat Shrink Connectors
One of the most common places other manufacturers try to cut cost and save labor is by using splice connectors (commonly known as "Scotch Locks"). Splice connectors offer little to no protection against water and corrosion. We use heat shrink butt connectors that are watertight and extremely reliable.

Splice Connectors
Suspension Options More Axle, Brake, and Suspension Options
If there is an axle, brake, or suspension combination you would like to have on your gooseneck, we probably have it. We work very closely with our vendors to provide a wide variety of axles and suspensions. These include hydraulic disc, hydraulic drum, torsion suspension, 12k-16k, Hutch suspension, air ride, air brakes, and more.

Better by Design Better by Design
Great materials, components, and build quality are irrelevant if the trailer is poorly designed. When you have built tens of thousands of gooseneck trailers you receive ample feedback about your product (both good and bad). We have used this valuable information to refine our product, making both major innovations and minor improvements over the years. We continue to develop new ideas and solutions to keep our gooseneck trailers at the top of industry.

Visual Appeal Visual Appeal
Having a great looking trailer adds professionalism to your business and gives your customer extra confidence. Our customers often make a large investment in their truck and expect their trailer to compliment the vehicle towing it. We believe you should be proud of your trailer, not embarrassed!

Details More Standard Features
- Powder Coated Wheels
- Powder Coated Axles
- Ramps Always Included
- 3M DOT Reflective Tape

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