Angle Pipetop Trailer (P7)

Available Lengths

  • 10’
  • 12’
  • 14’
  • 16’
  • 18’
  • 20’

Dare to Compare

Dare To Compare



Standard Features

  • Electric Breakaway Kit w/ Charger
  • 5’ Channel Ramps w/ Holder
  • 2x3 Angle Upright
  • 2 7/8 Pipe Top Rail
  • 5” Channel Tongue & 3” x 5” Angle Frame
  • 2x3 Angle 24” on Center
  • 2” Treated Pine Lumber Deck
  • DOT Approved Flushmount Lifetime LED Lights
  • Sealed Bargman Wire Harness w/ 7-Way RV Plug
  • Sand Blasted, Acid Washed, Powder Coated

*** MAX GVWR 10,400 ***
Bumperpull Tongue Length (4”)

Estimated Weights

Length Axles Est. Base Weight
16' 2 x 5,200 lbs 2,420 lbs / 1,098 kg
18' 2 x 5,200 lbs 2,590 lbs / 1,175 kg
20' 2 x 5,200 lbs 2,760 lbs / 1,252 kg
† Weights are estimated for base trailer only. We make no guarantee regarding the accuracy of estimated weights.


Default options, those included in the base model, are marked by a check .

Coupler Options

[A] BP 2 5/16” A-Frame (12,500lb.)
[J] BP 2 5/16” Adjustable

Axle Options

[52BS] (2) 5,200# (Dexter) Electric (Spring)
[52CS] (2) 5,200# (Dexter) One Electric (Spring)
[52SS] (2) 5,200# (Dexter) Surge Hydraulic Drum [Surge Coupler] (Spring)

Tail Options

[S] Straight deck w/ 5’ Slide-in Ramps
[A] 2’ Dovetail w/ 5’ Slide-in Ramps
[B] 2’ Dovetail w/ 5’ Fold-up Ramps
[C] Straight deck w/ 5’ Fold-up Ramps
[K] 2’ Dovetaill w/ Split Heavy Duty Gate

Color Options

[K] Black Powder Coat
[0] Primer + Black Powder Coat (Texas Only)
[1] Primer + Red Powder Coat (Texas Only)
[2] Primer + Tractor Green Powder Coat (Texas Only)
[3] Primer + White Powder Coat (Texas Only)
[4] Primer + Equipment Yellow Powder Coat (Texas Only)
[5] Primer + Tractor Orange Powder Coat (Texas only)
[6] Primer + Grey Powder Coat (Texas only)
[8] Primer + Desert Tan Powder Coat (Texas Only)
[G] Grey Powder Coat
[J] Tractor Green Powder Coat
[N] Tractor Orange Powder Coat
[P] Primer Only (Texas Only)
[R] Red Powder Coat
[T] Desert Tan Powder Coat
[W] White Powder Coat
[Y] Equipment Yellow Powder Coat
[Z] No Paint No Primer (Texas Only)

Other Options

[-BWFL] Blackwood Classic Full Deck
[-BWOT] Blackwood Classic Outer Deck
[-DL01] 1 Pair of Flushmount D-Rings on Wood Floor
[-DM01] 1 Extra Pair Flushmount D-Rings on Steel Floor
[-DR01] 1 Pair D-Rings
[-EL01] Add 7-Way RV Plug to Rear Bumper
[2] Upgrade to 225/75 R15 on 3.5k Axles (5.2k Fenders)
[3] 10k Jack (Bumper Pull)
[5] Upgrade to 235/80 R16 on 52k Axles
[A] Upgrade to 3” X 3” Square Tubing Top Rail
[B] 2x3 Angle 16” on Center Crossmember Upgrade
[H] Receiver Hitch
[S] Mount Only for Spare Tire
[T] Spare Tire and Mount
[V] Rear Trailer Support Jacks

Parts Guide

Model Part Description Category Part Number
P7 5,200# Electric / Spring
(Axle Brake 52655E-ST-EZ 95x80)
AXLE 110116
P7 Reflector Tape, Conspicuity R&W BODY 170237
P7 Coupler, 2-5/16” A-Frame Bulldog COUPLER 140218
P7 Fender Tandem Steel DP C6-C8 Paris FENDER 160611
P7 Bracket Weld-on 5/16” Safety Chain HARDWARE 180410
P7 Jack, 7K Dropleg Square Topwind JACK 140101
P7 Rear Support Jack
JACK 140100
P7 Light Kit LED - D6 D7 LIGHTING 170505
P7 Ramp (fold-up) w/Adj. Knee
(Fold-up Ramps)
RAMPS 160244
P7 Ramp 3” Channel 12”x60” C5&C6 Paris
(Slide-in Ramps)
RAMPS 160205
P7 Bolt Equal’r 7/8”x4.75” Slipper 7K SUSPENSION 120119
P7 Bolt, Hanger 9/16x3.5” Slipper 7K SUSPENSION 120118
P7 Equalizer 7K  QRG (12”) SUSPENSION 120216
P7 Hanger Center 7K Slipper SUSPENSION 120115
P7 Hanger Front 7K Slipper SUSPENSION 120116
P7 Hanger Kt Tandem Axle Slipper 52/7k SUSPENSION 120112
P7 Hanger Rear 7K Slipper SUSPENSION 120117
P7 Lock Nut for 7K Eq Bolt 7/8” SUSPENSION 120218
P7 Lock Nut for hanger bolt 9/16” SUSPENSION 120311
P7 Spring Slipper 6 leaf 4000# 7/8K SUSPENSION 120102
P7 U-Bolt Kit 3” Rd. for 5.2-7K SUSPENSION 120301
P7 225/75R15 Radial Tires TIRE 130107
P7 15” white spoke Wheel w/ 6 on 5.5”
(5200 lb axle)
P7 Tire&Whl 225/75R15 6 on 5.5” white spk TIRES & WHEELS 130224

Parts Guide Disclaimer: Parts can change based on the options, production date, and production location of the trailer. If there is any doubt about parts fitment please contact a PJ Parts representative with the VIN of the trailer in question.