17.5 in. Trailer Wheels and Tires


17.5" tires have become quite popular for high mileage trailers especially in the hot shot, oil field, and transport services. These tires are offered in load range H (16 ply) and load range J (18 ply) ratings.

Tire Size and Rating Axle Size
215/75/17.5 Radial Tire
  • Rated at 4805 lbs single, 4540 lbs dual
  • 16 ply Load Range H
10k axle with 17.5" option
12k lbs axle with 17.5" option
15k axles standard
235/75/17.5 Radial Tire
  • Rated at 6005 lbs single, 5675 lbs dual
  • 18 ply Load Range J
10k super single
  • Dual wheel (white) and tire pictured below on 12,000 lbs axle
  • Single wheel (silver) and tire pictured below on 8,000 lbs axle

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