Side Mount ATV Ramps


The side mount ATV ramp option gives you the ability to load an ATV/UTV in the front and one from the rear between the fenders. The frame rails in front of the fenders are ramps that can be removed to offer side loading.

  • Ramps serve as side rails of trailer
  • Includes side ramp bar
  • Available on U6, U7, & U8
  • For 12 - 14 ft single axles and 16 - 20 ft tandem axles
  • Standard ramp length is 61.5" and with a 57" wide opening

  • 12 ft tandem axle has a 41" ramp and 37" opening (not recommended for ATVs)
  • 14 ft tandem axle has a 51" ramp and 47" opening (not recommended for ATVs)

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