WHRZT! GPS Tracker Junction Box Lid

WHRZT! has designed a family of GPS tracking devices built to be hidden in plain sight on utility, box, gooseneck, livestock, and recreational trailers. The easy-to-install device is accompanied by an even easier to navigate tracking portal. Receive a text and/or email notification if your trailer begins to move or if a Geo Fence boundary is breached. Worried your trailer has been stolen? Place your device into ‘Fast Track’ mode and receive location updates every minute. Don’t be a victim of trailer theft, find our GPS tracking lids at https://parts.pjtrailers.com/whrzt-gps-tracker-junction-box-lid.html


  • This is a replacement Lid for a 7 pin Junction Box with a GPS Tracker embedded into it.
  • This version works best with PJ trailers or any trailer with a junction box.
  • Rugged discreet Tracking Solution
  • Accurate GPS locations
  • Geo Fence capabilities
  • View your trailer location in google maps
  • Text/Email Notifications
  • Movement Detection
  • Weather Proof/Water Resistant
  • Backup Battery
  • Web & Mobile Access
  • Simple activation
  • The best thing about WHRZT! is no one will know it's there! WHRZT! is easy to install and is hidden in plain sight.
  • The Service is easily activated after purchase through Whrzt. Service cost is discounted for PJ customers, annual fee of $124 per year or by the month for $12 per month

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WHRZT! Junction Box